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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #799

Bret’s Sad Loss

As you may know, Bret Hart lost his oldest brother, Smith, to cancer just a few days ago. Bret released a touching tribute to Smith that I want to share with you here. Smith was clearly loved by his ‘little’ brother..

“I want to thank everyone for your messages of love and support over these last few days.

“It is with a heavy heart that I write my final goodbye to my eldest brother Smith. I know that the gates of heaven will open up and welcome one of the most unique and original characters ever. One can only stand in admiration at how Smith stayed truthful to himself, always proudly dancing to his own tune. No one was more proud of being a Hart than Smith. He wore his name like a badge of honour. I believe that the Hart family is like being part of something that never leaves you, even if someday you find out you have to leave it. But I also believe that Smith is being embraced in the joyful arms of many loved ones gone before. Smith was ten stories deep. Sensitive, mischievous, hilariously coarse with a whip-smart sense of humour. He was a bottomless trove of imagination and potential and I think that anyone who knew him knows that there was always something very special about Smith. He was a boy that grew up in a crazy world filled with colourful characters and it shouldn’t be a surprise that he would indeed grow up and become one of the most interesting and colourful characters I ever knew. He left us with his children, all with certain traits of his.

“Smith was a huge influence on me growing up. He changed my life in so many ways. He taught me how to draw and he was the first brother to ever team up with me in wrestling. Above all things, Smith taught me to laugh, right up until his final days. He’d light up the room with that classic “Smith humour” (“She’s going to get the cattle prod.”). He also spoke of his regrets with clear-headed honesty. Smith was a fighter. He had great strength and amazing courage right down to the bitter end. He proudly fought cancer until his dying breath and he was lovingly supported by every Hart in our family. He loved us, and all of us loved him so much.

“It could never have been very easy being the oldest of twelve kids. The enormous task of trying to fill my stern father’s shoes may have been too challenging, or perhaps he simply didn’t want or need it. Smith followed his dreams and although many didn’t come true, he was one-of-a-kind and every bit as unique, gifted, or talented as any Hart, including my father. He did it his way and God bless him for that. In Smith’s final days, I clearly recognized the strength and determination of my father who he spoke so lovingly about and, without question, was his hero and guardian. I believe they’re together again. He finally found his peace.”

Dickie is Coming!

FINALLY! Looks like the recent changes in Steam’s policies are finally giving a good guy a break he deserves. Mat Dickie’s Wrestling Revolution 3D is coming to Steam! The haters no longer have the power to bomb a Greenlight campaign or anything like that since Steam introduced a new way for indies to get their games on the service. Welcome, Mat!! Maybe between Mat, PWX, Fire Pro, and Dave Horn we could eventually even offer a wrestling game bundle for a good cause? It’s going to be a great year for wrestling gamers!!

Turbo Lucha FREE!

Do you have an Xbox One? Have you tried their new monthly subscription service? It’s pretty much their attempt to bring a Netflix type of service to Xbox and give you a butt load of games every month for a flat monthly fee. Not only are the WWE 2K games starting to show up on the service but they also just added this little Lucha gem to the list:

Pretty good deal if you ask me!

More Gore! More Spear!

Stay tuned for new animations! The guys have been up to their necks in the boring business of optimizing the game code and assets so that it runs better. But Mr. Wrestling 5 has been keeping his sanity by still animating fun new moves regularly. So keep your eyes peeled on our Facebook page because I’ll be posting pics and video of the new stuff as it oozes from the INSANELY talented man we have animating for Pro Wrestling X 🙂

Great Balls of Gong Show

The card on Sunday looks pretty loaded, and since we skipped the usual Thursday Gong Show, let’s do a Great Balls of Gong Show to hype us up. Shooting for 6pm eastern, about two hours before the show.

(You are following us on Twitch, right?)

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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