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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #797

Eric the Web Nerd: Sorry for the late newsletter, gang. The update info listed below will be pushed to a Steam beta channel Thursday night, and I’ll provide all the instructions. (Hopefully I’ll do this on Twitch.) My sincere apolgies for all the delays, just tryin’ to keep the old head above water. More soon.

The List

The list of things delivered in the latest update is so huge it will fill up the entire newsletter. Major thanks to our lead artist and programmer for cranking out this beast! Here’s what our programmer had to say about this build:


Hey guys sorry for the radio silence and a very long delay but for the last few weeks I have been hit with so many downfalls that it pushed my life to the limit resulting in frequent updates to the game to suffer a bit but in the last few days things have been improving for the better and as a result of that I have time to deliver the largest bug fix build I have ever delivered. So many things that is included that i might forget a few things but here is a list of the things included in this build:

-fixed caw textures for elbow and knee pads

-fixed character thumb loading when choosing edit mode first

-fixed white box distortion after entering wrestler name or ring name

-fixed audio overlapping in menus

-fixed brush pixel on one of the loading screens

-fixed typos in disclaimer screen

-fixed tattoos being too dark. Now when selecting a tattoo you now have the ability to change the alpha in the color mode, making them appear more light in appearance

-fixed having all cpus set as the default option in match setup screen, possibly confusing players. now it’s off by default and you now have to select the option manually instead

-updated options menu by including interference toggle and difficulty toggle. These options are no longer available in the pause menu

– improved the pause menu that now include volume sliders that control various of sounds in game.

-Added New Finisher SudaPlex as Grasshopper Finisher

-Added New Finisher Fisherman Suplex as Tirador Finisher

-Added place holder Tshirts as Upper Attire Selection in edit mode

-Added Full Movelist Previews for each and every move and animation state

-Fixed Chest Hair not appearing when adding it to character

-Fixed Shaven Head Texture not appearing when selecting Dane’s hair

-Fixed Attire logo 2 makes character white

-Renamed Attire Labelled Wrist Tape Grasshopper to Wrist Tape Tirador.

-Fixed several asset set to a black color by default

-Fixed and clamped the RGB sliders to 15-255 to prevent any color distortions

-Fixed Character becoming covered by options when selecting upper and lower body selections in edit mode

-Added the Ability to use both LB and RB buttons to navigate menu tabs in wrestler edit mode

-Added the ability to change the color of Dane’s Alt Hair and Generic Long Hair 01 in edit mode

-Disabled Cam Cuts automatically when in a 3 or 4 way match and when you or you opponent is outside of the ring in either match type

-Fixed Face Morphing when selecting face in edit mode. So awesome seeing different shapes of heads when selecting different faces now. Danes look different than Tirador, Tirador look way different than Grimhold. Small feature but really makes a huge difference making each face look unique from the other. Thanks to Mr Wrestling 5 for always asking me to adjust the morphs to see a difference in each wrestler face, I finally listened and i have to say i popped big time seeing it for the first time,lol.

-Added transitional crouch idle animation for downed opponents when performing anything related to attack or interacting with your downed opponent. You now play the crouch idle animation instead of the walk animation when you interact with your opponent while you are standing and he is on mat. Basically the same AKI visual cue for the player showing when the animation state has changed from standing to ground opponent interaction

-saving game options works fine in the windows build, not sure if it is a file access violation for the mac build

-updated hiac with new and updated model and geo

-updated stage x with the newest art assets Mr Wrestling 5 has provided to increase performance

-improved grapple timing delay

-updated in game model with newest updated model with fixes

-disabled opening video for now until a proper intro video is made for the game

-fixed options not loading saved setting in both in game and options menu

-fixed classic stage texture artifacts

-added Stumble animations for Cell and Scaffold Match Types. Works when you or your opponent are running or selling a strike when on platforms and touching the edge of the cell or scaffold.

Whew so as you can see guys this is a very massive bug fix build that i worked extremely hard on to deliver to you guys. As I said earlier, there are a few things I might have missed to include on the list but if you have any concerns or questions, just let me know.

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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