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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #795

Yuge Bugs

Just got a promising update from our lead programmer. Despite his day job adventures kicking his ass a bit lately he’s been able to put together what he is calling our “biggest bug fix update ever”.

We’re very fortunate to get great bug reports from everyone and even the Twitch broadcasts that Eric hosts help out a lot when it comes to learning to break, and subsequently fix, Pro Wrestling X. He’s going to have his head down for at least a few more days keeping the wolves at bay and then we expect to have a fresh update to test and hopefully distribute to everyone as soon as possible.

Fire Pro Video

In case you missed it, actual gameplay video of the upcoming Fire Pro Wrestling World and it looks AWESOME in action. Check it out for yourself:

5 Star Cancels

Big news recently was the cancellation of 5 Star Wrestling’s big tournament that has now been rescheduled for the new year. I haven’t spoken with Daniel at 5 Star for some time and I don’t have any first hand knowledge about how this all went down. All I can say is that Daniel and the team at 5 Star have always treated us here at Pro Wrestling X with professionalism and respect. If this is a simple case of having huge ambition and biting of more than they could chew? Well, I can relate 😉

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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