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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #791

Ragdoll Freefall For All?

If you missed Thursday evening’s Twitch broadcast then you missed TWO wrestling game firsts. You missed assigning a ‘Scaffold Finisher’ to a CAW and THEN you missed that sweet ragdoll powerbomb to the ring below. “THAT MAN HAS A FAMILY!!!”

Catch the replay:

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Mac Update

We’re very frustrated with the issues we’re having delivering a Mac/Linux version to you guys but please rest assured we are working on it. Below is a pretty typical example of the totally understandable messages I receive lately followed by my reply. Hang in there!

Ross B: “Hello. I’ve asked this question twice previously and been told on both occasions that work was being planned but as I’ve not seen it mentioned in the newsletter for the better part of a year I have to ask if any progress has been made towards the Mac release of this game? I’m a Kickstarter backer and have yet to play this game because I don’t own a Windows PC. Any response is appreciated but I’m really beginning to feel cheated by this project.”

Dave W: “Thank you so much for your Kickstarter support! The update we are testing now is going to be released for Mac. It’s such a huge update that it’s requiring more testing than any update before it. There are a few new art bugs that we know from experience must be fixed in the PC build because they could be ten times worse on Mac. Especially these memory leak issues. BOOOOOOOO! I feel terrible that you’re starting to feel neglected as a Mac user. Promising a Mac (and Linux!) build was a bit naive on our part but I assure you that we have successfully ran previous updates on Macs. We are a tiny little team and we need to make sure something as critical as a Mac release works as well as possible because we only get once chance at a first impression when guys like you play it. THANKS AGAIN!”


Thank you so much to everyone patiently awaiting their new American Grasshopper shirt! I just got word from the local vendor here that they’ll be ready for me to pick and send out to you guys early next week. YES!

Nit Picking

Huge thank you to guys like Pedro and Mr. Wrestling 5 for the exhaustive bug reports they filed recently with respect to the newest build. Most issues have to do with art. Since the art asset rendering mechanics were re-written there are some new visual glitches to address. Little things, like the scaling of new clothing items, color bugs, and the odd flickering texture.

But a seemingly teeny little issue really got my attention and is the highest priority for us to fix. Due to the way Robert added animation blending support in order to smooth out transitions there are cases when pressing the grapple button doesn’t register any input. Nothing happens. Game mechanics and input responsiveness are critical (no pun intended) to a wrestling game so the guys are discussing various ways to fix it. Mr Wrestling 5, our lead artist, suggests we may just require a new set of various transition animations. Robert believes it can be solved with a deeper dive into the blending code. Either way, we’re in good hands.

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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