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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #790

Ragdoll Freefall For All?

Sweet mother of MACHO MAN did you see the latest update in action on Twitch? Pure ragdoll insanity and that’s what the crew and I wanted to ask you all about today. Our lead programmer has struck a nice little balance with the ragdoll physics and falling from high places. You’ll notice that in the new HIAC match you can accidentally fall off the edge just by walking an inch to close to the edge. Running, Irish Whipping, any throw to close to the edge and it’s a ragdoll trip to the floor.

However, for the scaffold match the opposite effect was designed. Not only can you NOT accidentally fall from the ledge of the scaffold, you can’t even send your opponent off the ledge without working to purposefully set up the exact conditions needed to dramatically end the match. Not only do you have to position yourself properly in the tight little area of the scaffold, but you also need to get your opponent in a DANGER state while you are in SPECIAL at the same time. Accomplish this, and your opponent will fly from the sky in style.

What do you think? Do you like a guided narrow set of conditions to really ‘earn’ that scaffold spot? Or do you need to reserve the right to batshit ragdoll awesomeness from the very first bell?

Twitch Thursdays?

We had way more people than usual show up for our last Twitch was on a Thursday instead of Tuesday. Thinking of keeping the change to Thursday permanent. What do you think?


We just completing deep testing of the new CAW system and features. It really does have that much new going on and took that long to properly test. Robert is really knocking out a stellar CAW for a Kickstarter that didn’t even promise that feature. And all of the new art assets and animations (Troop’s rifle taunt is in!!!) made me grin from ear to ear. All evening tonight was just about testing gameplay now.

And with so many new match types and combinations of players to test against each other it’s going to take a good while before I can say we’ve been through it. There is so much buzz around this update, though, and it’s been absolutely worth it to give it the testing it deserves. Can’t wait to get it to you guys! New characters in it, too!

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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