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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #788

New Finishers

Our lead artist has been killing it overtime and animating some new finishers to help build out our upcoming milestone release. Not only has he given us a brutal KO worthy SUDAplex (check our Facebook page for video) but he’s also done a pinning move for Tirador’s new finisher, a proper Fishermans Suplex. I know you guys are gonna dig ‘em.

I’d put PWX animation up against any in the genre and that includes any multimillion dollar budgeted game from anywhere in the world. We’re lucky to have the team that we do!


You may have already started to notice PWX show up more often in your Facebook timeline as I experiment with promoted and sponsored posts to reach a wider audience. Seems we continue hear from new people who just stumble on the project and wonder where in the hell we’ve been all this time.

So, in the name of evangelizing the good news of Pro Wrestling X I’ve been spending some of the war chest on ads across various platforms. Thank you so much for letting me annoy you as we try to reach the 99% of PWX fans who haven’t heard of us yet.

It Begins

There’s no running from the hard work. It’s time for us to put some real thought into how we’re ultimately going to handle move damage calculation in PWX. That includes but is not limited to everything from stats, attributes, special abilities, and behavior of the AI.

A less motivated developer could just use the infamous Fire Pro “Move Data” doc as a design template but that’s not for us. Let Fire Pro be Fire Pro. We want to offer something different and arguably even more flexible. It will take update after update to get it within even spitting distance of the balance and polish of the Fire Pro system but since when are we afraid of hard work and patience? Puh-lease 😉

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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