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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #787

Bodies Hit The Morph

The art and programming leads are working themselves like dogs getting this next update ready to impress you. They’re trying to get the update ready in time for Tuesday Twitch. It’s a huge update under the hood and they want you guys to play test it asap and get your feedback.

The goal for this update was more robust support for mesh morphing. We want to give you wayyyyyyyyyy more power and freedom with body types in CAW. So the guys want to go beyond the current overall body slider and give you control over most every muscle group. They accomplished that without much fuss but things started to go a bit wonky when it came time to have all CAW parts properly scale when body parts changed size.

They worked together like champions and got it all sorted but a pile of coding and model exporting remains to make sure that every combination of character model/mesh/morph target/animation/physics works well and looks good.

Essentially the CAW system got a complete reboot since the last update and it’s already looking deadly for its support of equipping players with new weapons and attire (such as championships!).

Arena Editing

Not only is the entire CAW system getting updated but our lead artist also supplied us with some improvements to the new arena. Not only are we getting some new hi-res textures but we may also introduce some very basic options to allow customization of the arena assets themselves. No promises that this will appear in the very next update but it will be coming soon. And with the insane work ethic of our lead programmer “soon” could be yesterday.

Twitch Move

Keep an eye on social media for the date and time of our next Twitch broadcast because it will most likely happen as soon as we get our hands on the new update and NOT be at our usual Tuesday evening time. Tick tock…

Note from Eric the Web Nerd: Yep, we missed it on Tuesday. Hopefully still this week…


Pssssst. Word on the street is that WWE games will be returning to Nintendo with a “Spiritual successor to the Day of Reckoning series” on the Nintendo Switch. How is this possible? Publishing voodoo as best as I can tell. Stay tuned…

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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