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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #786

CAW Sharing

The big talk within the PWX crew right now is how to best give you guys the ability to export/import and share created wrestlers, rings, etc. without completely screwing ourselves with copyright infringement, DLC protection, and overall ecosystem stability.

So if you have experience sharing edits and CAWs in Fire Pro and WWE2k and wish your experience was more fun PLEASE let us know now if you have any advice or suggestions in this area. We’d love to hear from you because we’re aiming to support easy file sharing and we want to do it right. THANK YOU!

PWX in Brooklyn

In case you missed the announcement on social media the other day:

Brooklyn PWX family check this out! Author, Patrick Hickey Jr will be speaking at Brooklyn Geek Fest this Saturday, April 1st, and promoting his new book For The Love of Games that tells the stories of the passion of developers behind such games as Deus Ex, Road Rash, and…Pro Wrestling X! Plus he’ll be giving away prize packs including copies of…Pro Wrestling X! Imagine that! WOOOO!

Twitch Mania

We’re planning to do a special Twitch on the day of Wrestlemania so please keep an eye out on social media for when we make the announcement of exactly when we’ll be doing it. Will there be special guests? Exciting surprises? Probably not! But hey…you just never know 😉

Free WWE2K Weekend

I was getting ready to take care of some business in Mafia 3 yesterday when Xbox was kind enough to advertise a “free Play” weekend for WWE 2K17. Not sure if it’s for 360/One but I just thought you’d want to know and check it out if you haven’t played the game yet. And if there is online play look for DaveWish and take your ass kicking like a man 😉

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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