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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #785

Morph on Morph

Improved body type morphing was announced just week and already our lead artist has upgraded CAW components to morph along with scaling body parts. Animations are scaling nicely as well as you can see by the moonsault and kicking animations that I’ll be posting on our Facebook page. Watch the fat man FLYYYYY!!!

‘Splainin’ To Do

I’ve been getting the same question lately so I thought I’d answer it again here in case more of you have been wondering the same thing. Thanks for caring enough about PWX to ask!

C.Dark: What’s the update with the cell and scaffold?

Dave Wishnowski: Assets are complete for both match types and our lead programmer is working on integrating them, even as very basic match types with basic win conditions. We’ve got the platforming mechanics working for climbing the structure and ragdoll for falling off of them.

What we wanted to have done before adding these match types was more dramatic mechanics for struggling on/near the edges. We discussed the need for more hanging/falling/struggling animations but we’ll probably ship these match types before new animations are complete so that we can crowd source the bug testing as soon as possible. Thanks for asking!

NEW Reviews on Facebook, Help!

PWX supporters are always asking how they can help us spread the word about the project and the absolute best way possible is still good old fashioned word of mouth in the form of an honest written review. So if you get a minute and want to help out please follow the link below to the NEW review section on our Facebook page and share a few words about Pro Wrestling X with the world.

As always, honesty and constructive criticism is very much welcome. If you’ve been thinking of a way to improve something about PWX this is the place to let us know and GIT ‘R DONE!

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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