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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #783

Crowd Control

Those of you who have been enjoying glitch that lets you fight in the crowd have been asking the obvious question: Are we going to ever officially support fighting in the crowd? Yes! Absolutely!

But like many other awesome “fun to have” ideas it just has to take a small back seat to deeper core gameplay and polish. Because when we finally let you fight your way into the crowd we want it to be more than a novelty that gets old fast. We want there to be damn good reason to take a fight into the crowd and make it rewarding to do so. We want the crowd to react realistically to you even being there. Hell, maybe even unique weapons that are only available from within the crowd itself.

This month continues to be a busy one for us as we cross some important milestones off the list for our next update. But I guarantee that as soon as becomes feasible to do so you’ll be able to leave a trail of carnage from one end of the arena to the other!

Fire Pro Info

New info continues to leak out about the new Fire Pro and there are some promising nice additions. Apparently we’re getting a dedicated pin button, crawling to the ropes while in submission, and Steam Workshop support.

The absolute best place to be or Fire Pro info in terms of friendliness and knowledge continues to be the Facebook page for the ‘old’ Fire Pro Club. The elitist noob hating little pricks appear to be all gone and it’s just a community full of positive energy now. Check it out!

PWX Rumble Royale

One of the things we want to introduce into a near future update is a championship mode whereby you wrestle your way up the ladder to an eventual championship match. It’s going to be the foundation for what will one day be our story mode. But if you’re going to have a championship mode then you’re going to need a championship title belt and a champion to defend it.

To that end, Eric and the gang are hoping to put together a live tournament on Twitch to crown the first ever PWX Champion and give the new title the proper reveal that it deserves. We’re hoping to get you guys to be involved somehow. Stay tuned!

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

Thank you for your support,
Dave Wishnowski

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