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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #781

Update Feedback

Damn! This most recent update was VERY well received by the Pro Wrestling X Family. Thank you! Not only are people enjoying the new arena, physics, moves, CAW options, and general improvements but people are reporting that the game is running WAYYYYYY better on older and/or slower machines. That’s fantastic news!

Some people who couldn’t even run the game are now playing it and having a good time. Music to our ears. Please read and enjoy some of the honest and unsolicited feedback we received in the past few days from the Steam community among others:

“Great job so far on the project, guys! FPS has really improved, and the new maneuver looks wonderful on execution; loving the stage climbing, as it brings me back to when my brother and I would play the story mode on WMXIX. Keep it up!” -MB

“Wishnowski, thanks for actually working on the game to where it could be fixed and working properly. Too many times in Early Access developers say they are working on a game and a year later it has zero changes. Sorry, I get a little pissy when the games stop working but where I was pissy I can now be with praise.” -TKP

“Keep up the good work guys. It’s slow sure but I admire you fighting through everything and doing your best no matter what. I bought in back when there was one move and nothing else and I don’t regret it just because you guys put so much work in where most would have abandoned it after a few sales because it was “too hard” It’s obvious that you guys care and want to make a great game. There will come a day where we all chant THIS IS AWESOME, I’m sure of it.” -D

“Awesome update!!! I was watching the last twitch show you did and it was great. Thanks for answering all my questions and the nice welcome to this community.” -TRA

“Where has this game been hiding and how have I not heard of it? I bought it during the Christmas sale and watched as the PWX team took questions and suggestions on Twitch and Facebook and I was taken aback but just how much community feedback effected the development updates. You are really listening to your customers and creating this game “with” them. I always dreamed of making a wrestling game and Pro Wrestling X I feel like a designer and not just a faceless customer” -JC

If you haven’t tried it yet you can see what all the fuss is about on our Steam store page with a 100% money back guarantee if not satisfied. Woooo!

Shirt Update

I expect to hear about our shirts from the vendor sometime later today (Friday). I asked them to help me out with a little extra thingy I wanted to send out with the shirts, so I’m hoping to hear good news about that, too. And I’m also thinking of getting some tank tops made for summer so I can represent during the 3 or 4 days of summer weather we might get here. Thanks, Obama!!

Eric’s Miracle

Did you see the most recent Twitch broadcast? If not, you missed Eric performing the most miraculous string of glitches ever done in a live PWX Twitch broadcast that blessedly resulted in a fever dream new feature for Eric and the viewers.

Thankfully, Eric recorded the whole damn thing and even typed up instructions for anyone crazy enough to try replicating this ‘glitch’. Allow Eric to explain:


Boy, you just never know what’s going to happen on a Twitch broadcast. It was just me going solo, and Zeron suggested I try the crowd glitch he discovered. Here’s the setup:

And then – miracle of miracles – the remaining two opponents were fighting, and fake Kurt suplexed fake Sting through the ramp. Now my opponent is glitched too!

If only I could come around and grapple him…. FIGHTING IN THE CROWD!

Aaaaand then I got greedy. I tried to set up fake Sting to go backstage and have our first behind-the-scenes brawl, and I screwed up in the most hilarious way possible:

Great stuff. Robert, I have several requests from people… YOU CAN’T KILL THE GLITCH YET! Fun times tonight, completely unexpected.


In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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