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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #780

Update Live!

Huge new update is now live on Steam! Eric breaks down the new additions for us here:

HAPPY NEW YEAR, gang. Yeah, it’s February already, but we’ve been busy adding tons of new content to the game. It’s another monster update, here’s the rundown:

NEW ARENA – Man, Mr. Wrestling 5 (our lead artist/animator) has done a bang-up job with the new arena. Lots of shiny new goodness, and plenty of platforms and things to climb on.

Climbing works just like the cage – go to a wall or anything that looks like you can climb, and hit the right shoulder button (RB on XBox controllers) to start climbing. There’s quite a few places – some very high – to get to, and yep – you can toss people off and even take a dive yourself.

SUPER IMPORTANT: Right now, the climbing and such only can be done in 1 v 1 Hardcore Matches. We’re working on the other modes!

Brace for the OW.

Improved frame rates – Yes, we’ve always maintained that the FPS is a lie, but things are getting much better on that front.

ROARING ELBOW – It’s pretty much mandatory, that phrase always has to be in all caps. Looks sweeeeeeeeet.

Along with the ROARING ELBOW, there’s a spinning kick, a “rifle” taunt that old-school fans of Pro Wrestling X might recognize, and something Robert calls a Death Shake. (Doesn’t that sound like something you’d get at an evil McDonald’s on Halloween?)

(That’s comedy gold, right there. It’s really just a tribute to Dr. Death Steve Williams.)

Reworked the crowd sprites, there’s a few easter eggs sprinkled about.

CAW movelist – You can now customize the movesets for the wrestlers. Not super deep yet, but we’re sloooooooowly getting there.

Improved animation syncing, so things should feel even smoother now.

Dumping the version numbers – Version numbers are dumb, and 1.0 means a million different things to people, so we’re just going to ditch them to avoid confusion. Sorry to everyone who was hoping to see version 0.999999999999.

Lots of glitch and various bug fixes, including – we hope – fixing the elusive “can’t climb” bug.

Have fun, gang…..

Name Suggestions

We have had a record number of comments and suggestions with regard to naming the new ninja character we previewed last week. THANK YOU! I’m leaving it to our lead artist who designed the new character to choose his favorite name but you have certainly made it difficult for him with so many great suggestions. Nothing has been finalized yet, but he is looking to somehow tie in respect to Hayabusa to the eventual naming of the new character.

Version Numbers

As mentioned in the release notes for this update, we’re going to experiment with not using version numbers and see how it’s received. There was a growing amount of confusion about PWX getting to 1.0 soon and sooooo many people thought that meant we were stopping development at that point. Nuh-uh.

If anything, as we get out of Early Access and into ‘full release’ we hope to increase the frequency of updates using what we hope will be increased resources. Confusing? I hope not. But let me know what you think.

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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