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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #778

Kickstarter 1.0 Done

Eric and I were Skyping the other day and going over our Kickstarter promises when we realized something…we’re kinda done! At least all of our promised features are in there and we can cross everything off the list in terms of match types, move sets, etc. but what we do have to is stop and polish it all up for release.

Right now we take advantage of the Early Access lower standards of completion and we’ve been adding more and more features while sorta neglecting proper fine tuning and perfecting of just the core promised feature set. It’s called “feature creep” and we are guilty as hell of it! It’s my job to make sure we stick to ‘the plan’ and resist the temptation to add new things not on the original agreed upon design document.

Thank god I suck at that part of my job!

We are delivering wayyyyyy more than originally promised in our Kickstarter. Physics, CAW, scaffold, screenshot mode, etc. were all features that crew pushed for and that I eventually caved in and accepted. And I’m glad we did!! But this still means we need to STOP introducing new features, stick to the plan, and polish what we already have. Piece of cake! Now , if only they hadn’t shown me that new stack-able, breakable, flammable table they’ve been working on…

Shirts Done

THANK YOU to everyone who ordered one of limited edition American Grasshopper PWX Crew shirts! The sales page is now closed and the shirts are going into production next week. They’ll all be shipped out as soon as they are delivered to me.

I also want to especially thank everyone who included a little extra tip to be given to the crew. Some of you gave more than a little THANK YOU! It is so much appreciated and I can’t begin to express how grateful the crew is for your appreciation in this way. It just makes us all want to work extra hard for you guys and make you proud. Once these shirts are delivered and everyone is happy I think we’ll look into what fun piece of merch we can offer next.

I’d especially like to make free surprise gifts that we can just send to whatever supporters we want to. We want to share our success with you!

Lost AKI Entrances

I love stuff like this! Apparently No Mercy originally had much longer entrance animations that they ultimately left out of the game to make room for other content. It’s really trippy watching this video, like hearing a long lost Black Sabbath song that you never even knew existed.

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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Article Comments

PWXBacker says:

I appreciate all the work you’ve all done and I don’t say this with any malice in my heart, but those of us who paid $25 expressly for the Mac or Linux version of PWX might take issue with all Kickstarter 1.0 obligations being done. Been patiently waiting for that Mac version, and it gets mentioned every couple of months as being really close to ready but then nothing is said until the next similar mention. I’m delighted to watch this game grow and genuinely excited for you all, but I hope the (admittedly small) small percentage of Mac/Linux folks who backed you aren’t being forgotten. Thanks for reading.

Eric says:

That is a hard check, but a 100% completely fair one. So much so that I am going to write a follow-up Facebook post today explaining just what in the hell is taking so long. a quick synopsis of said post: the versions for Mac and Linux are in fact done, but getting the Steam mechanics to work reliably has been a huge pain. Every time I think I get it, something happens and we get cold feet for officially releasing.

However, your comment is spot on, and I think I just need to suck it up and get it working already.

THANKS for the check. We’ll get it taken care of ASAP.

– Eric the Web Nerd

PWXBacker says:

Thank you too, Eric. Like I said before, no malice at all intended and I love the work you all do and can’t wait to support you further. I speak out only because I’m so excited about what you folks have made and want to get in on the fun. Thank you for reading and understanding and listening.