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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #772

Your NEW PWX Shirt is Ready!

What can I say about the new American Grasshopper Pro Wrestling X shirt we made available just yesterday? How about this:

For those of you who have been asking for new Pro Wrestling X shirts please feel free to swing over to our Facebook page where you will find a link to our killer looking new American Grasshopper shirt ( This shirt was originally intended to just be a gift to active crew members but it turned out so well and so many supporters asked to get one that I decided to make it available after all.

All profit from shirt sales goes to crew so they are looking forward to a little extra in their stocking as well. Thank you so much for your support! In fact, because some of you have asked how to get a little extra gift to crew members, we are also allowing a “tip jar” option if you want to kick an artist or programmer a little extra. You can tip without even ordering a shirt if you wish.

Please note that I, Dave Wishnowski, politely turn down any share of the tip jar. I just want to see shirts worn proudly and hard working crew get a little extra if you think they deserve it. I humbly decline your tip money or shirt profits. Worst scammer ever, eh?

Besides, if this pile of money I sleep on gets any bigger I’ll need to cut a hole in my Beverly Hills mansion roof. Drinking the tears of fired crew members, truthers, and haters is all the reward I need, anyway. Merry Christmas! Happy Holidays! And THANK F’N YOU for being such a helpful, intelligent, and positive family of supporters! We owe it all to your belief in our promise to keep pushing forward 🙂

Back In The Saddle

With the art content for Kickstarter deliverables wrapped up I just heard from our lead animator that he is back at work cranking out some animation requests he had awhile back. If all goes well (and his work always does) expect to trigger some Dr. Death, Styles, Tanaka, Luger, memories and more. Can’t wait! If this first batch goes well expect some news regarding our ongoing animation roadmap in the new year as well.

PWX Xmas Sale!

As if the news about new PWX shirts becoming available after a decade of waiting wasn’t exciting enough, did you know you can now get Pro Wrestling X on Steam at a 20% discount during their uber popular Xmas sale on now? Already have Pro Wrestling X on Steam but want to gift a copy to a friend? Maybe thinking of even just sending the PWX crew a few bucks as a Xmas tip? Well, well, well, careful readers of our shirt store page might just realize that we worked out a sneaky little way get PWX in your hands for even less cash while shirts are on sale. Hmmmm…..


Ever so slowly but surely Mac support continues to crawl towards completion. But that’s not the only ‘platform’ news coming down the pipe. Our art and programming Horsemen have looked at our fine stage, cage, and scaffold models and decided that if we can’t help you jump high, in the words of Mick Foley, we will damn sure as hell help you have your PWX characters “jump from high places.” 2017 will be the year we believe we can fly. Stay tuned…

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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