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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #770

New Update Live

The latest and greatest update just went live a few days ago complete with tons of fixes, improvements, and new features like ragdoll falls from the top of the cage!

There’s a TON of new match modes and features, but with all those new features came a TON of bugs. (Thank you to our Bug Squad for helping us track these down.) Hence the long delay since our last update – really sorry about that.

So without further ado, here’s the rundown of everything new:

CAGE CAGE CAGE – Old Blue is now in the game, and it’s awesome. To climb the cage, walk through the ropes and hit the Right shoulder button (RB). Once you are on the cage, you can move up, down, left and right. When you climb up to the top, you’ll come to a seated position, straddling the cage. From there, tap RB to climb over, or hit A to attempt a diving moonsault.

For the love of all that is holy, don’t miss that moonsault or you’ll be dead.

Also: we hear ya on the front cage wall needing transparency. Expect some kind of a setting for this soon.

RAGDOLLS – You better hurry up to the top of that cage and do what you gotta do, or else you’re gonna come down the hard way. If you or your opponent run into the ropes and crash into the cage while someone is climbing it, it’s the worst-bump-in-history time. The higher they are on the cage, the bigger the bump. It’s the first time ragdolls have been used in a wrestling game, and they are a blast.

(We know, the forces and gravity are a bit whacky right now. But it’s still a hell of a lot of fun, and we have some other fun tricks up our sleeves. Stay tuned.)

SIM MODE – I’ve been begging for it, and Robert the Man delivered. You have the ability to make all the wrestlers CPU controlled. This is a blast, at least to a sim nerd like me. We were able to see the world’s first double ragdoll in the cage ( – 19:00 mark), who will be the first to see three crashing at once?

Render Modes – OK, for some of y’all, the last update made things run really rough. We’re working on optimizing the settings so the FPS get a bit higher. In the meantime, we have a few options to help turn off some of the more processor-intensive items:

Frames Per Second Display – In the pause menu, you have the ability to toggle the display for the FPS. I gotta be honest here, I’m not sure this number is accurate. I think the FPS is a LIE. But let us know what kind of numbers you’re getting, and we’ll keep working at it.

Hey, look at that… the logo on the entrance curtain doesn’t disappear once you start a match. CONTINUITY!

Wrestlers can now bring weapons into the ring from outside. He’ll actually hold on to the weapon as he slides in.

We’ve added the first running strike, a nasty clothesline. Before you comment: YES, the wrestler is throwing the clothesline with the left arm, that’s why it looks weird. Personally, this drives me crazy, but we’ve got a few kinks to work out with it anyway. Rest assured I will continure to whine about it until they switch arms 🙂

We’re experimenting with a different Tall Fighting Stance for Grimhold. This is definitely a work-in-progress.

Speaking of Grimhold, he’s the first of our wrestlers to get his own special finisher, the Ballista Bomb. It’s a SICK double underhook powerbomb. Make sure you watch it in slow-mo, it’s a thing of painful, painful beauty.

The blending of a few animations have been improved.

Holy hell, that’s a big update. Have fun and let us know what you think. (Be sure to upload your best ragdoll crashes to YouTube, we’re dying to see more!)

New Sell

Our lead animator has this weird behavioral tick. Thing is, he keeps going out of his way to make PWX better with more animations than we asked him for just because he wants the game to be really cool. I’ve Googled it, and from what I can tell it’s a condition often referred to as “pride in his work.” There have been multiple times in PWX past where a crew member would only deliver something if they received a stack of design documentation and reference material weeks beforehand and only then if I sent money in advance to pay their overdue bills.

Long story short? We are all blessed beyond words to have the crew that we do and I KNOW IT AND THANK PIPER FOR IT EVERY DAY! THANK YOU! Oh, and you can check out the new selling animation somewhere around where ever this newsletter ends up on our Facebook timeline. The goal will be to mix up strike selling of different styles and intensity depending on stats and attributes. Do we have to? Nope? Then, why? I think maybe that pride-in-your-work thing might be contagious

Xmas Sale

Liking what you’re reading and thinking of buying Pro Wrestling X today? Don’t do it. Word on the street is that an annual Steam sale might be happening again soon…annually. And Pro Wrestling X will be in it…is the rumor. Ain’t nothing wrong with throwing people from cages and saving a few bucks while doing it.

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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