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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #769

Happy Birthday!

I hope you all liked the massive newsletter last week because this one will be a bit shorter in comparison. It is my awesome wife’s birthday today and I’d sure love to spend as much time as possible with the incredible woman who always believed in me and supported my dream of making Pro Wrestling X a reality. It’s hard to think sometimes of the hardship and bullshit I’ve put her through over the years and if ever I owed a debt to one person when PWX hits the tipping point it will be my Kimberly. I love you. Forever.

The Frame Rate Is a Lie

Check out the latest Twitch replay and you’ll see how the optimization has been improving the frame rate all around. We’ve also got some CPU vs. CPU action and new rendering options to help you get the best frame rate possible:

Lucha Flix

I stumbled on a few gems on Netflix this past week. Nice surprise seeing some good quality documentary projects on lucha libre. Check em out:

At least they’re both available on Canadian Netflix 🙂

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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