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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #768

Steam Sale!

Yes! Yes! Yes! Steam just launched their 2016 Fall sale! And naturally we accepted Valve’s offer to participate. So if you head on over to our Steam Store page you can get Pro Wrestling X for 20% OFF which entitles you to future updates 100% FREE of charge! You can be playing Pro Wrestling X RIGHT F’N NOW…OH MY GAWD!!!

Performance Centered

Latest rounds of internal testing have uncovered some areas that were killing our frame rate, hard. Luckily, we have a small but incredibly smart and hard working bug hunting crew taking care of business. Just to give you a peek inside of the finely detailed and super critical work that they do. And the ironic thing about it? The better the job they do…


Robert: Hey guys, seems like I have been gone forever as a result of this nasty flu, but no more worries because I am back and feeling better than ever. I’m not 100 percent healthy at the moment but my fire is burning and I had to give you guys an update of the latest build. I did not include the newest arena in this build just yet, because I wanted to make sure the core of the game working smoothly and finally get rid of the little bugs that might accrue, so that we can move on to bigger and better things. Here is a list of improvements to this build:

That’s it for now guys, I really wanted to add more, but do to me not being 100 percent, i was kind of restricted, but with each day I am feeling better and my energy is burning to get down and dirty with getting us to 1.0. Let me know how the game performs on your end and how it differs with each new settings. After I squash all the bugs from this build, I will then begin to work on the new arena and its platforming. I hope you guys enjoy and leave me feedback on this build. Thanks guys.

Eric: I’m just about to head out the door for vacation until Sunday, but let me see if I can figure out how to get this thing onto Steam for the Bug Squad. I’ve got 9 hours in a car ahead of me, but hopefully I can mess with this tonight.

David Wishnowski: Glad you’re feeling better, Robert!! And thank you so much for this build and focusing on performance optimization. Smart! We’ll get this to our testers asap. I’ll be trying this build out on a few different systems today and reporting back. THANKS AGAIN!!

Robert: Thanks guys. Looking forward to your feedback so that i can fix any issues and start on the new arena. I just got done importing the new arena into the game to set everything up but won’t be able to start programming anything until i knock out the bugs in this build first.

David Wishnowski: I agree, Robert. Eric will let us know if this has been posted to Steam for our bug team to test and we should have feedback for you within 24 hrs. Sound good? I’m using this build to produce a whole new promo video for the sale. Thanks again!

(And then the PWX Bug Hunters get the build mwahahahahaha!….)


0 – # FORMAT (number and name of the bug)*
Photo(s): Photos that showcase the bug
Description: Description of the bug.
How to reproduce: Explanation on how to reproduce the bug.

How to fix: If there’s a way to fix the bug, it will be posted here.
*When you see a hashtag (#) before the bug name, it means that i’m unsure if it’s a bug or something intentional/placeholder.

1 – Characters staying on the ground forever
Description: During a cage match, characters that fall off the cage may have a chance to never get back up, even early in the match with a yellow meter. For some reason, kicking them will make them get back up.
How to reproduce: Select a cage match. While the AI is climbing the cage, throw yourself at the ropes when the AI is near the top. Notice the time the AI stays in the mat (after post-ragdoll transition).

How to fix: This could be exploitable in the future, will require a patch to fix.

2 – Slow camera movement [Returning Bug]
Description: Moving the camera seems harder than before, it could be something related to the recent drop in performance with the launch of the update. The camera movement is slower than before.
How to reproduce: Pause the game during any match and select the photo mode. See if you can notice any differences.
How to fix: If the problem is related to lag, the game needs to be optimized. Otherwise, the camera speed should be faster in the next updates.

3 – Overlapping Crowd + Signs [Returning Bug]
Description: Crowd and signs may overlap in one spot, I call them human octopi.
How to reproduce: During gameplay, notice the crowd in the last row on the left side from the camera view.

How to fix: No solution found, requires a patch.

4 – Magic curtains
Description: The logo and text on the curtains disappears during gameplay.
How to reproduce: Select any match mode. Notice how the logo and text on the curtains can be seen during entrances but disappears when the match starts.

How to fix: No solution found, requires a patch.

5 – Moonsault slow motion
Description: For some reason, only the first half of the moonsault animation can be slowed down during photo mode while the other half plays like normal gameplay.
How to reproduce: Perform a moonsault and quickly switch to photo mode, begin by slowing down the animation and notice how the second half of it can’t be slowed down or paused.

How to fix: No solution found, requires a patch.

6 – Clothesline teleportation
Description: There’s an issue with the clothesline after connecting, if you run towards any other place, you will teleport and sometimes you might even bounce off invisible ropes or turnbuckles (in which the character can climb, as seen on the photo provided).
How to reproduce: Right after performing a clothesline, mash the run button to any direction. This trick works even if you clothesline the air.

How to fix: No solution found, requires a patch.

7 – # Cage doesn’t bend when running towards it
The cage bending animation that occurs when we go through the ropes (as seen on the photo) doesn’t seem to be working when we run towards the cage wall. This might not be a glitch, but a work in progress instead.
How to reproduce: Simply run towards the ropes and notice the absence of the animation

How to fix: Might not be a glitch, but it will certainly look better if the animation was present during irish whips.

8 – Space kendo sticks
Description: Kendo sticks seem to have low gravity and fall/bounce like such.
How to reproduce: Perform a move in the ring with them placed on the mat or simply pick one up and drop it. Notice how long it takes for it to fall.

How to fix: For some reason, it’s something that doesn’t happen all the time, but I still didn’t find out how to trigger the normal gravity because it seems to be random.

9 – Double DING
Description: There’s a way to perform another DING sound effect right after a low blow
How to reproduce: Perform a low blow, after that, run towards the opponent and perform a clothesline, you will now hear the DING sound again.

How to fix: This is one of those bugs that don’t necessarily need to be fixed, this is actually quite funny XD



/// This post will be updated as new bugs are found for this version + new feedback.

Dave: Do you see the kind of focus and dedication we are blessed to have in our crew? The current crew has set the bar so high in terms of experience developing within this genre that I seriously doubt there is a more solid wrestling game development crew on the planet. I mean, seriously, these guys are working on PWX part freakin’ time. Can you imagine unleashing them to work together FULL TIME?! That’s the next immediate goal. Getting these guys the resources they need to attack 1.0 with all of the communities support and encouragement.

Add your Voice

In case you missed the announcement in last week’s newsletter, we’re finally ready to start accepting your recordings for crowd chants! Just follow the instruction below and we’ll take care of the rest. I realize it’s a busy week for you Americans so don’t worry about how to submit your awesome recordings just yet. Nice and casual 😉


Finally…FINALLY…we are ready to collect crowd chants from those of you who earned that reward from our most recent Kickstarter campaign. Thank you for your support!

Step #1: download the following ‘chant along’ audio file:

Step #2: Record yourself doing the chants along with the ‘chant along’ file as one long audio file. Just listen to the chant along file with headphones while recording your voice on your phone’s recording app or computer. Whichever is easier for you.

Step #3: Get ready for next week’s newsletter as we give you directions to submit your file. That’s it!

Money for Dave

Not this Dave, the OTHER awesome wrestling game developer, Dave Horn! Not only did he reach his funding goal recently but he also received a development grant from Unreal to continue development on Action Arcade Wrestling. Congrats to Dave and crew! I’m predicting it here first; all of this positive momentum and support for Horn’s arcade style wrestling will result in Action Arcade Wrestling Nintendo Switch Edition Featuring Chikara and Starman!

Free Bloody CZW Doc

The three words most wrestling fans crack a smile upon hearing; Tournament of Death. I don’t know if this url will work, but if you go to the website and search for “Bloodlust” you’ll find yourself a FREE well produced film documenting the events surrounding CZW’s Tournament of Death 15. Merry Christmas!

Nominate PWX Steam Award

Huh. Apparently we’ve been nominated for a “Most Promising Wrestling Game” Steam AwardI have no idea how this was done as I had nothing to do with it. But if you happen to stumble across this and vote for PWX…THANK YOU!!

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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