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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #765

X Marks the Stop?

So the crew was looking at a new stage design and by some happy accident it ended up with a bold red “X” as its focal point. Naturally, it was then brought up that we should try and shy away from the red X color scheme as it reminds some people of TNA and their most recent logo. But then it was ALSO brought up that TNA might not even exist anymore by the time our next update ships in a few days. Things are going so crazy over there that I can’t even keep track of the news as it comes out. Corgan is out? Dixie owes him almost a million dollars? WWE now owns the tape library? No, wait, Fight Network now owns the tape library?

So what do you predict is going on over at TNA and would you be worried about Dixie suing a little game developer over a giant red X?!

Steam Screens

Steam is cracking down on false advertising in their store, especially developers who fall temptation to stretching the definition of the term “screenshot”. Thank you, No Man’s Sky! So, in pursuit of preserving the integrity of the Steam Store they are asking us and every other developer to remove all renders and concept art from the screenshot sections of our store pages and replace them with in-game screenshots only. This is no problem for us as you guys have been producing absolutely sick images using our screenshot mode. But I thought I’d put it out there that we’ll be keeping our eyes open for a few new screenshots so please feel free to post your favorites to Facebook, Steam forums, etc. and if we end up putting your screenshot on our main Steam page we’ll send you a free PWX Steam Key to use/share/sell at your discretion as a token of our appreciation 🙂

Get Horn-y

Fans of Action Arcade Wrestling on Xbox will be pleased to hear that Dave Horn recently announced his Chikara game will be available on Xbox One AND PS4 as well! Now, let’s get ALL of our indie wrestling games back where they’re needed most…a Nintendo console!

PWX Meet Ups

The crew and I are planning our next face-to-face meet up and we’d LOVE to do it somewhere we can meet as many of YOU as we can. Somewhere we can maybe even set up a little booth or table and let as many people as possible demo the latest and greatest version of PWX. So we’d very much appreciate your advice and ask if you could suggest an event or two that would be open to a friendly little visit from the Pro Wrestling X crew. A huge wrestling event would be great even if we had to set up under a tent in the parking lot. A gaming event like PAX would be awesome, too. What do you think? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance!

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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Article Comments

Brandon Moiczek says:

MAGfest is a pretty good event for such a thing. Planning on going in early January this year, but would love to see you guys there and talk about PWX. I know it’s not the most possible for this year since it’s so soon, but it’s just a thought.

Brandon Moiczek
Metal Bison [33rd]