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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #763

Back in the Oven

The recent update shown on Twitch has been through a round of bug hunting and should be posted to Steam as soon as we get the next version. Nothing critical was terribly messed with the addition of ragdoll physics but we do want to make sure we optimize what we can and not tax CPU’s harder than they should be.

Newsletter Book

I love writing these newsletters and I especially enjoy reading over the old ones. Keeping a weekly diary of Pro Wrestling X and the adventure we’ve shared taking it from dream to reality has been priceless for me. So many things over the years would have been forgotten if not for the weekly newsletter writing. A while back we released Volume 1 of early annotated newsletters. A collection of newsletters along with my behind the scenes comments sharing extra juicy details on subjects that were secret at the time I originally wrote about them. The next two volumes are in the works and we hope to get them out before the next volume is written 😉

Killer Crowd

Our animated crowd is the prime suspect in increased performance demands of the recent updates so we’ve been giving that part of the game a good overhaul. Not only does it require less horsepower but it actually looks a lot better, too. I’ll post a shot to Facebook to show y’all what I mean.

Nintendo Switch

Nintendo recently announced its next hardware release, a console/mobile hybrid. It looks really interesting. Know what else is interesting? PWX will run on the new console. I wonder how receptive Nintendo is to indie developers these days?

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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