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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #667

To Hell With You!

Last week’s newsletter was SO FUN to write! I’ve been looking forward to it for a while. I can’t honestly think of when I’ve ever been able to celebrate #666 of ANYTHING I’ve ever done. I hope we make it to #1000. What could possibly go wrong to put an end to newsletters? I hope no bad people show up….

Well apparently I’m the bad person. Because more than one person let me know that they were seriously offended (seriously) by my 666 newsletter and would be unsubscribing from the newsletter and no longer supporting Pro Wrestling X as a result.

I’m very familiar with religious lifestyles. I was born and raised Roman Catholic which I had always felt was among the more “hardcore” of the Christian faiths. But I can’t think of a single person in my life that would not get the joke of last week’s newsletter and seriously believe that it was a tool of “The” devil.

I’m shocked. I never meant to offend anyone, but if that’s the threshold for offense, then I’m afraid I can’t guarantee it will never happen again. It’s all good fun, my friends!

Tax Man

It’s going to be a busy few weeks. Not only are we all dealing with the usual holiday traveling and schedule nightmares, but it’s also tax season for the company and the time of year when my accountant kicks tens kinds of ass. It’s usually my lawyer kicking random crazy ass for the project, but this is the time of year that my accountant shines and gets us every dime of tax credit that the law says we’re entitled to.

Video game companies can apply for a few of the more intimidating research and development credits, and my accountant has never failed to successfully get those for us. Usually enough to pay out some nice wages and bonuses to the crew. Knock on wood!

Road Map

Speaking with Eric this morning, and I know that the rest of the crew will agree… Now that we’re in a bit of a groove, we need to do a little more than just posting update notices after the update are live. We are planning ahead weeks at a time now, and we’d like to start posting and openly discussing our development roadmap with everyone.

Certainly, not everything can be democratic and we need to retain the right to make certain decisions. But we can definitely start letting you know how, when, and why different things will be added to Pro Wrestling X updates. What moves are next? Which bugs take priority? Which big features are coming first?

These are the kinds of plans we plan to be making open to you. Not just to read, but to get your feedback on because, we’re building this game for you, the people who took a chance on Kickstarter, Early Access, pre orders, etc. You’re the boss!

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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