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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #665

First Update!

Holy hell, it's a Christmas miracle! Pro Wrestling X is actually getting updates! We wanted to be smart and just test the update mechanism before we bite off a huge list of bugs and new content. Basically, just wanted to test the update pipeline, get your feedback, and make sure that everything is working between us, Steam, and you, before the updates get bigger.

So for our first update test we choose a visible and easily tested bug off the list you helped give us. If this bug is still in your version of PWX after updating then PLEASE tell us so we can investigate. Quick update notes:

BUG #1 that was fixed: previously, if you hit the esc key at the main menu it would bring up the end of match quit/continue menu. Please tell me that you can no longer make this happen and we're good to go! Actually, it seems some people can still make this bug happen (update went live a few days ago) and our programmer is already working on it and possibly even fixed it by the time you read this.

We also removed the link to the analytics bug reporting button that was on the lower right hand side of screen. The feature wasn't working well enough for us and we are switching to something better. That button should no longer be visible to you. If it is…eep.

New animations are coming but code needing some cleaning. You likely won't notice any effect of this at the moment.

For long time supporters of Pro Wrestling X I don't have to tell you how important of a milestone this humble little update test is. A very regrettable situation (that I take FULL responsibility for) prevented us from ever updating our previous game as intended and we always had that nasty stigma hanging over us and the entire project as a result.

This is no Early Access dump-and-run scam like some other developers have sadly performed. We're here, we want to keep updating and building Pro Wrestling X on Steam for a long long time, and this first little update test is real and demonstratable proof that I am keeping this promise. Let the era of the unstoppable and growing Pro Wrestling X begin!

Just please tell me the update is working for you before I get too cocky 😉



One of the first things we promised was a Mac version and we are working on that next so that everyone who wants to get in on Early Access can. In theory, a Mac build is easy for us to distribute on Steam, and it would be available already if we only supported mouse and keyboard controls. But the input manager is giving us inconsistent results when using 360 and PS3 controllers on Mac. Certain buttons aren’t working properly.

So our awesome lead programmer (you now know him as Gekido on our Steam forums) is having to spend some time working out a more robust input manager before the Mac (and Linux!!) versions become available. Once those platforms are supported as promised we want to get rocking on putting all of Kola’s sexy new move animations into the game and start building out the weak/strong dynamics not to mention tons of bug fixing. Good times!!

Stubborn Free Keys

Yikes! Some people still waiting for keys! Eric tells me all have been sent AND posted on the Hero Site as of a few days ago so either a) you're entitled to one and we f'd up a) you're entitled to one and email gremlins f'd up c) I totally f'd up not explaining properly who exactly would be expecting one. You get a free key if you:

If you Kickstarted at $15 or purchased Uprising at $15 tier you still will get a “digital download of Pro Wrestling X” key, but not until the game reaches the completion milestones described on our Kickstarter page. You are entitled to a bigger and better gameplay experience than is currently available on Early Access.

Basically, more keys go out when the game is a bit bigger and better. Thank you everyone for your patience! Please know we do appreciate your support and we hope you do enjoy it when you get it! THANK YOU all!!

Fix Wrestling

One of the most intelligent and insightful articles about how to finally fix the business of pro wrestling and it’s from…!

You’re Fired!

Ok, please listen up if you’re one of the 99% of the population that might ever go looking for a job. Did you know that a potential employer can call one of your old employers for a reference even if you didn’t list it as such on your resume? I didn’t know that.

So I was surprised to get contacted by a company asking about an old PWX crew member that I had actually fired. Pretty damn sure he didn’t list me as a reference! Turns out they did some simple Googling about this ex crew member, found some interesting things that anyone can find on the internet, and decided to contact me to clear a few things up.

Now, I wouldn’t say that employers all secretly trade info on people or that there is a “black list” in any one industry. But if you, as a company owner, got burned by an individual and had the chance to warn another innocent business owner and prevent the same thing from happening to them, would you? Of course, there are strict rules, at least here in Canada, that prevent a reference from actively bad mouthing someone and negatively affecting their employability. However, you are allowed to bluntly answer questions pertaining to your own hiring practices.

So if someone calls and asks me, “This person claims to have worked for you in the past, so are there any circumstances under which you would ever consider hiring and working with this person again in the future?” I am well within my rights to take a long dramatic pause and reply ever so calmly, “No. Never. Ever.” And that’s probably the last question they would need to ask. So be cool and be smart even if you leave an employer in the ugliest most regrettable way.

I know for a fact that I haven’t always been the smartest boss and no shortage of former crew members would be totally justified in publicly having fun at the expense of my glorious mistakes. But for the most part everyone has parted ways very amicably and professionally when the time had come and those people all got a glowing 100% kick-ass reference from me when ever it was needed. That’s the way to do it.

The internet never forgets and employers aren’t afraid of search engines. If things end on a sour note don’t make it worse on yourself and do anything you can’t take back. You could have a family to support one day and do you really want to explain to them how you never got the second interview for your dream job because of some stupid things you said about a former employer on a message board years ago? No. Never. Ever.

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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