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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #663

It’s Released!

We did it! YOU did it! FINALLY…wrestling has come to STEAM! Just a few days ago we quietly released our Early Access version of Pro Wrestling X and boy were we nervous. The game is just so damn…early. We gathered the entire crew of myself, Kola, Mike, and Eric on Skype for a group chat so we could all be “together” as I hit the “publish now” button. Kola even had to sneak away from his day job to join the call. Kudos, buddy!

A few seconds of nervous silence was broken by Mike’s meek little, “I’m scared”, a sentiment we certainly all shared. I gave it a customary three count (no count down from 10 for a wrestling launch) and hit the button. I thanked the crew for getting us to this point. You would not believe the time and effort these guys put in with day jobs, wives, kids to raise, Binding of Isaac, etc. I am so damn lucky and thankful to have this crew moving forward.

Thank you to all of the supporters and customers for sharing your thoughts and feedback so soon on the Steam forums. And almost 100% positive reviews. For an Early Access game this humble? THANK YOU! It’s clear to us now, proven by this release, that a lot of people really do see great potential in our hard work and truly want us to succeed.

Hate and negativity will always be loud and hungry for attention, but the fair, honest, and positive people win by a landslide. This week, the heels took a damn good beating and the good guys got themselves a win a long time in the making. I can’t say it enough, THANK YOU!

If you are brand new to Pro Wrestling X we update our supporter each and every week like clockwork. Always. Without fail. That update #663 is no typo, my new friends 🙂


The crew has already reviewed your feedback to help formulate our plans for future updates. We intend for each update to be a reasonable mix of bug fixing and new content/feature additions. For the next update we hope to start increasing the available move slots and giving you more to do.

How much more? Not sure yet. We want to balance frequency of updates with size of updates. Please forgive us and be patient and we teach ourselves the best way to organize as a crew quickly and efficiently to do this. THANK YOU!

Free Keys

Eric is working hard getting everyone their free keys who have them coming. If you already have a Hero Site account because you paid/donated over a certain amount you may already find your key waiting for you there. If not, no worries, Eric will also be emailing your keys to you directly over the next few days.

Check your inbox and spam folders now, they may already be there. Eric is sending these out one by one and he has hundreds to do so we appreciate your patience. If there is one virtue PWX followers have, it’s… patience.

Press Requests

Thank you so much to all of the websites, podcasts, radio shows, etc., that have written asking for review keys to Pro Wrestling X. We absolutely thank you for caring enough to ask and we’d just like to get an update or two out the door before we feel there is anything of great substance to review. Sound fair? Translation: Let us make it better first, pretty please?

Physical Rewards

We haven’t forgotten about the t-shirts and other physical rewards for all of our Kickstarter backers. We’re in the middle of finalizing our vendors and shipping costs now. It’s a bit complicated because we’d like to keep shipping costs down as much as possible and ship rewards to customers from within their home countries where possible.

It’s most likely that these things will ship directly from the U.S. and seeing as how I’m up here in Canada with the cash-o-la I’m working with Eric in the U.S. to try and coordinate. Hopefully we’ll have a final cost figure before long so I know just how broke we’ll be in time for Christmas. YAY!!

Before I sign off for today THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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