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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #662


If you’ve been following Pro Wrestling X since the beginning and been witness to the many ups and downs, the heartache and betrayals, the false starts and failures, the liars, cheaters, scammers, and thieves that threatened to bury Pro Wrestling X and end it for good, then you can probably feel the electricity in the air as a result of the lightning strike that hit Pro Wrestling X this week in the form of a short but epically life changing email from the offices of Steam:

“Pro Wrestling X has been approved for release via Steam!

Valve has reviewed and approved “Pro Wrestling X” for release via Steam. The next steps for listing your product in the Steam store and for making your product available for purchase and use by customers is under your control.”

How… how f’n crazy is this? I know other indie games are getting Greenlit and thrown up on Steam a lot these days, but Steam still means something very special to me. Getting Pro Wrestling X on Steam was the very definition of reaching for the stars. I was told over and over that it could never be done.

Sure, the platform has made changes that make it easier for indies to get in the door but even that I take as a sign that things changed in order to bend to the will of PWX supporters over the years. That’s the incredible truth, that not only did we make sure PWX was ready for Steam, but we took a leap of faith all those years ago that one day Steam would be ready FOR PWX!

Sadly, a lot of indie developers are taking advantage of Early Access and using it as an excuse to release something that is not only early, but horribly buggy and unfinished to the point of being broken. So even though Steam says we are ready, we are not ready by our own standards.

We still need to make sure pin mechanics allow you to finish a match and that you (hopefully) never fall out of the ring after a brainbuster. There is a TON of stuff that needs improving and polishing, and we naturally want to add more moves than just a punch and a brainbuster. We’re comfortable opening up Early Access first, and then we can begin adding in all of that content with free and frequent updates via Steam.

So I hope that our commitment to not shipping until you can at least pin and finish a match, even with the most limited moveset ever, shows that Pro Wrestling X is not here to take advantage of Early Access and the eager excitement of wrestling gamers finally getting some respect from a developer on Steam. Even though we are starting over again very VERY small and humble, we still want to deliver a solid foundation we can build on day after day, week after week, year after year.

Once we’re live and on Steam with updates rolling out like newsletters we’ll be unstoppable. People have already tried. They failed. We won. Undefeated.

Pro Wrestling X…Forever 😉

Lucha Underground

I was just chatting online with a certain notorious wrestling game animator when he just casually remarked, “By the way, have you been watching Lucha Underground?” I had never heard of this show but boy am I glad I have now! A lot of wrestling fans argue that Lucha would go over big time in North America if only an experienced and well funded production team would get behind the product.

Well, I think Lucha Underground may be the answer to our collective prayers. Produced and backed by the likes of Mark Burnett (Survivor, The Apprentice) and Robert Rodriguez (From Dusk till Dawn, Sin City, Machete) the 60-minute weekly show has, arguably, production values at least as good as Impact and RAW with some of the best Lucha talent from AAA in Mexico and the American indie scene.

I’m only one episode in and already I’ve been grinning ear to ear watching the likes of Chavo, Blue Demon Jr., and Ricochet. It’s got a vibe that sorta gives me the impression of what ECW might look like if Heyman still ran it today but with a production budget and more than two cameras. Good cameras. It airs in the U.S. on the El Rey Network:

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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akash says:

i’m very eager to have this game despite me having wwe 2k15