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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #661

It’s a bird!

Hey yo! I’m writing this newsletter a few days early this week. I’m getting my second carpal tunnel surgery here in a few hours, and I want to type this newsletter with both hands while I can. There’s a good joke in there somewhere. (Update: Dave lived through the procedure and is working on his Von Erich claw.)

We had some good wins this past week. When everyone works remotely it can be really tough to communicate certain concepts. And believe me, wrestling game development contains some concepts that exist almost exclusively in wrestling games.

We have (in my opinion) two important areas we want to improve a bit before shipping. The first is rope collision during two-player moves (Brainbuster, etc.). After a healthy few rounds of long forum posts back and forth, our intrepid lead programmer Mike posted a video of his new method of potentially handling such collision. “Hell yeah!” was all I could think. Fingers crossed we’re on the right track and the only Brainbusters over the top rope are intentional from now on.

The second win was overcoming what we’re calling all calling the “floating bug”. Every now and then your wrestler would appear to pop up off the mat and float in mid air for a few seconds before returning to proper position. When you see things like this you can’t just tell your programmer “yeah there’s some floating happening”. You have to be able to recreate the bug on purpose over and over and explain exactly how and when it’s happening.

Turns out, one instance of a collision box was being turned off during a strike and resetting itself. Too close to your opponent when it happens? BOING! Up in the air you go. Gonna kinda miss this bug. Fun making Tirador fly like Superman if you timed it just right.

Man, do I fail when promoting a video game or what? “Here’s all the horrible nasty broken things were fixing…buy our game!”

Honesty is still the best policy…right?

Free Wrestling Games

Mat Mania, Tag Team Wrestling, and a buttload of classic arcade games are now available to play for FREE in your browser over at the Internet Archive project:

Glitch of the Week

We want to make at least a decent first impression when Pro Wrestling X hits Early Access (soon… soon my pretties) so naturally we want to stamp out as many bugs and glitches as possible. Lots of button mashing and trying to break stuff. You find the oddest stuff when doing things you just wouldn’t normally try to do. Kola posted my favorite glitch this week: “I discovered that if you spam click start game, you unlock royal rumble mode.“

Got a better caption? We’re starting to mess around on Tumblr… go follow the Pro Wrestling X Tumblr page, download the original image and show us what ya got.

In the meantime and in between time, that's it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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Article Comments

John says:

Have you guys ever thought about adopting the Euphoria animation engine for this game? For those on the team who don’t know, it is the heart of Rockstar’s Advanced Game Engine (R.A.G.E.) in Grand Theft Auto 4 and 5 and Max Payne 3. It could make the game mechanics work better while also allowing for unique collisions not otherwise possible, such as move interruptions that just can’t happen with pre-planned animations (spearing an opponent who has your partner in a stalled vertical suplex, thus sending your opponent through the ropes with hurt ribs and causing your partner to land on his head, potentially ending the match early with a hurt neck.)

On the flip side, however, I’ve heard that licensing the engine can be rather costly.