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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #556

Up this week: Are You Ready? Kickstarter Rewards! New Videos

Are You Ready!

It’s entirely possible that within the next 60 days we will see the following major events:

Get ready because the next 7 days alone will see a flurry of activity including (deep breath) the launch of our Kickstarter campaign! All of the money raised will be used to produce the next Pro Wrestling X game with a total art and animation reboot to make everything look and function sooooo much better.

People have been asking to pay for Uprising for a long time, AND we need to saise money to reboot the art and make our next bigger game. But we hate asking for money, and asking for it TWICE seemed like such a douche move. So we figured why not let people support us via Kickstarter ONCE and that way you can get Uprising PLUS the next PWX game for the same low price?

And man, talk about rewards. We’re really pulling out all the stops here. Actually, have a look at what we have tentatively planned and let me know what you think…

Kickstarter Rewards!

EARLY BIRD REWARD! – “Diary of Mad Men” backstage secret podcast where the Pro Wrestling X team discuss the frenzied making of the Kickstarter campaign including juicy secret gossip about famous wrestlers helping us and bizarre voice mails.

This early bird reward is meant for all of you hardcore supporters who are interested in hearing all of the dirt and gossip behind PWX. We’ll be giving you guys a heads up before we send out the press releases so you can get in early. There are thousands of people on our mailing list, and we’re limiting the early bird reward to just a few hundred for the diehards.

One little bit of potential confusion maybe you could help us find a solution for. The first game is called Uprising and is a prequel of sort to the next game which would be the “proper” Pro Wrestling X. So do we just call the next game Pro Wrestling X or give it a sub title as well? Decisions decisions!

$4 – Buy us a drink!

$15 – Both games + goodies

$25 – Games, goods and a peek behind-the-scenes

$50 – Games, goods, secrets and influence!

$100 – Games, goods and something to HOLD IN YOUR HANDS

$150 (Limit 100) – Wear a Shirt with Pride

$250 (Limit 25) – Keepsake edition + Add a Taunt

$500 (Limit 5) – Awesome Calacas figure + Add a Strike

$1000 (Limit 3) – Free games for life + Add any move

$5000 (Limit 1) – Be the CHAMP

What do you think? Is there a reward tier there perfect for you? Can you suggest any changes? And please remember, if you already gave us any money in the past for pre-orders, you already get free digital download games for life. You can still support us via Kickstarter though if any of the additional rewards are enticing you, or you just want to continue supporting our march to awesomeness! THANK YOU!

New Videos

New videos will be coming in the next week as well including a grappling video and a video showing you exactly what that secret feature is that Axe Bomber Mag thought was so cool. All will be revealed! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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