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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #517

Up this week: PWX Leaked; Wrestling Observer; THQ even Worse; Buy it Again

PWX Leaked

Ok ok so it wasn’t leaked exactly but it was certainly let loose into the wild more than it ever has been before. I recently did a Skype interview with Axe Bomber Magazine (maybe you read the awesome but older text interview with me they posted just last week?) and I finally let someone outside of the immediate crew and family actually see the work in progress via a live screen share.

I’ve been very protective of my little Uprising baby so it was a big deal for me to let someone see the actual gameplay in action instead of pre selected video clips. Apparently this weekend Axe Bomber will be posting the audio interview followed by the inside scoop and first hand impressions of the game itself (GASP!) the next weekend.

Axe Bomber has been totally fair in all of the reviews and previews I’ve seen so far so I’m expecting you’ll hear all about the current bugs and things to be finished along with what I hope will be at least one or two thumbs up mixed in there as well. Do try to download the audio interview this weekend. I think I actually issue a not-so-veiled death threat to a former crew member….GOOD TIMES!!

First interview here

Did you know we were at one time in talks with AKI? Yup. THAT AKI. Read the interview and feel my pain.

Wrestling Observer

Special thanks to Wrestling Observer for linking to the aforementioned Axe Bomber interview. It brought us a nice bump in traffic and some very much appreciated new supporters! Super duper special thanks to Ligerbusa whom I understand tipped them off to the article in the first place.

THQ even Worse

Holy crap. Since just last week things at THQ have gone from Shockmaster to Katie Vick. Japanese offices closed (where they make WWE games?!), CEO pay cut in half, hundreds fired, and it goes on and on. Then it occurred to me. How ironic would it be in the very likely event that the first PWX game is launched on the same day that THQ goes out of business? Huh.

Buy it Again

Dave Horn is hard at work on Action Arcade Wrestling 2 and he’s announced that all revenue generated by the current Action Arcade Wrestling game will be put to use getting new art, animations, etc. for the sequel. So what are you waiting for? Pass on that burger and Big Gulp today and go buy another five or six copies for your friends to support your indie wrestling developers.

Guys like Dave could very well be the future of mainstream wrestling games. I’d put more money on him than THQ at this point anyway. Just go wade through the abomination that is now the Xbox Live marketplace menu and send Action Arcade Wrestling back up the charts, broskis!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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