The pro wrestling game made for the fans

Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #512

Here’s a little holiday present for ya. This week I’m turning the microphone over to our scrappy little programmer. He’s been asking to address the PWX fans and this week he gets his chance. It’s uncensored. I’ll be here next week to issue apologies on his behalf. Enjoy!


Hello everyone. First let it be known that PWX is a wrestling game made BY the Fans, FOR the Fans. I say this because it is YOUR belief in the final game that keeps pushing me to finish the first PWX game. So, thanks for that. Ok, about programming PWX… What would you like to know? Why is it taking so long? That’s a fair enough question, so here goes.

I have been the main programmer for PWX for just over two years now. When Dave came to me and asked me to try and finish off what was supposed to be a wrestling game, I obviously said sure. (What the hell else was I gonna do?) What I was given however were less then the pieces to make a wrestling game by far.

The game was ridiculously coded using a commercial game engine and the assets were not far from being practically useless. The technical description of which I will present in the game post-mortem. Now, why did I think it was ridiculous to use commercial game engine and why were the assets almost worthless you ask?

Simple. Here is a little secret about making a wrestling game. The code for a wrestling game does not follow the same general “game loop” that is found in most if not all games. Such a game loop would look like this:

A wrestling game does not and can not operate using the method listed above. A wrestling game that tries to use an engine that uses the general game loop will inherently have glitches, bugs and ghosts. That is why a company with 15 years experience (Yukes) can still show you the same old glitches with each new release.

So making a game engine that was specific to a wrestling game was first on the list. However, before I could do that, I had to make sense of over 1000 animations that were about 70% Ass F*n Backwards. That took eight long and tiresome months. But we did it. Now we could begin.

For the years after, I have solely been developing PWX and the system that will allow the creation and expansion of the PWX game series. I work nights and raise my 3-year-old son during the better part of the day. Aside from all that, making a fun game is a delicate practice. It is easy to try and speed things along with hacks and bad coding, but that will only prevent the game from becoming more featured and playable.

How’s the game coming along? Right now, I can honestly say that the first PWX title is about 80% complete, which means that all that will be required soon enough will be the “final face lift”. When that is complete, PWX will be but a week or two away.

In any case, I hope I’ve cleared up some questions and thanks for reading this.


In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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sulo says:

So you finish game in about 95% or 80%? Because you said two others answer. Sorry for my english, but i’m from poland and i don’t know english very good. Roughly when will be the premiere? Wait for answer.