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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #510

Up this week: 95%; Answered by Cell; Action Arcade Returns!; CK Punk


Our programmer was sounding extremely positive this morning and even volunteered an estimate of how close he was to calling Uprising a finished game: 95%. He’s been doing a killer job of removing the duct tape around bugs and applying the proper repairs to the foundation.

Last week it was problem with prone position submissions and this week it was a grapple initiation slip up. Some times your opponent would enter a front grapple loop animation even if you missed. Happened in the ring and even on the apron. Seems to be working fine now, though.

Answered by Cell

Gonna borrow something from Here Comes the Pain. Rather than completely rebuild parts of the Hammerlock that don’t have enough room for a lot of the move animations we’re going treat those troubled spots as their own special move slots. Remember how they added specific moves that you could only do between the ring and the cell wall in HCTP? We’re going with the same idea on the Hammerlock balcony and next to the stairs.

This totally removes all collision bugs caused by moves with wide footprints like Go To Sleep. Plus it will give the opportunity to animate some cool stuff in the future just for those spots.

Action Arcade Returns

The well received Xbox 360 indie game, Action Arcade Wrestling, is in the early stages of getting a sequel. Developer Dave Horn has indicated he intends to experiment with a new engine and and gameplay ideas. No word yet on a release date. Go Dave!

CK Punk

Eric sent me this awesome bit of news regarding pirates and sales of comedian Louis CK videos. The guy made a ton of money selling performance videos directly to fans with zero piracy protection. He has some smart things to say about the experiment, too. Indie game developers should all read this:

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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