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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #509

Up this week: Ass Backwards; New Fire Pro; THQ Broke?

Ass Backwards

I swear to God I was less than two seconds away from putting my fist through my monitor today. Tiny little bug had me on speaker phone with our programmer for three hours trying to figure it out. Stand near your opponent’s head when he’s face down and you’ll do an upper body submission UNLESS you are standing directly in front of him in line with his body in which case you f’n fly to his feet and do a lower body submission.

It made no sense and I never would have known this bug existed if I hadn’t been playing the shit out of the submission moves. I mean, how often are you standing precisely in the only spot a bug can happen?

Animations were correct. Moveslots were correct. Player states and conditions all correct. But the proper submission would happen only if you stood slightly to the left or right. Why the hell was this happening!!

Turns out that by the player being flipped into the prone position his XYZ coordinates were completely over riding any other code that was telling the game what position he was in and sending back a completely mirrored position than he was visibly in. Damn game was actually doing exactly what it was being asked to do. Too bad it won’t tell us when we’re ignoring the obvious. I need a drink.

New Fire Pro!

For real! There is a new Fire Pro game coming to mobile devices! And if you’re reading about it here I’m pretty sure you’ll never be able to play it. Get all the details from our Axe Bomber friends, screenshots and all.

THQ Broke?

An industry analyst is claiming THQ is doing so poorly they could literally be out of cash in just over a year from now. Just when they were finally on track with the WWE games? Let’s hope not. I don’t want to see them start over with another developer. It would take at least five years to start from scratch and get to where Yukes has the franchise now.

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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