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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #508

Welcome to Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #508!

Up this week: Progress Report; Titty; Big Battel; R.I.P. Wrestlefest; Breakin’ the What?

Progress Report

Hey! Please excuse the short-sounding newsletter this week. It’s my wife’s birthday on Friday so Facebook users will likely get this newsletter a bit early. Working on my wife’s birthday is against The Rules. I wanna give her an awesome day. She deserves it for inspiring me to follow my dream and never give up on this thing. So, progress:


I was tweaking a chokehold move and accidentally messed up the attacker’s rotation when I noticed it now looked like a legit move targeting an unintended body part. I think I might leave it that way as an additional move. After all, if Fire Pro Avatar can have a Tickle Tackle why can’t PWX have an Atomic Titty Twister?

Big Battel

It’s pro wrestling in goofy monster costumes surrounded by miniature buildings a la old Godzilla movies. A giant NES controller is strapped to a forearm as a weapon. Will Brummer made my day by sending me this link and now I get to pay the favor forward. Enjoy!

R.I.P. Wrestlefest

The indie project I wrote about a few weeks ago, Wrestlefest Revival, is no more. They received a very polite but sternly worded cease and desist letter from a WWE attorney a few days ago which they have already complied with. Booo! It’s a bit odd because other freely available indie wrestling games have included some obvious WWE content. Maybe WWE is cracking down because they intend to re-release Wrestlefest themselves? Hmmmm let the rumor mill grind this one out.

Breakin’ the What?

Yeahhhhh rough week in one aspect. I want to vent but all I can really say is that I should have listened to my lawyer before signing an old financing agreement. Not the first time I’ve had rough dealings over this but in the next month I can guarantee it will be the last. Gotta write a book and give it to anyone considering opening a game studio and taking on employees. The law does not favor the idea guy who just wants to make a game.

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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