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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #506

Up this week: Hell in a Cel Shade; Botchamania Vote; Modder Interview

Hell in a Cel Shade

The screenshot I posted last week generated some comforting response. You noticed that the new shot appeared to have a cel shaded look to it. This look is intentional and is to be the default rendering style of PWX Uprising. Why?

Well, I guess just because I like it. I dig how it gives the game a unique look among other wrestling games. It reminds me of older 2D games and comic books and the whole nostalgic vibe is something that just feels good to me.

I probably would have pushed this style from the beginning, but there was such a strong resistance against anything resembling cel shading that I backed off against my better judgement. At one point I had a programmer apply cel shading to the prototype just to see what it would look like, and one of our crew members actually threatened to quit if PWX pursued anything like cel shading. Seriously.

Now we’re not going to go totally crazy and go all the way cel shaded like Street Fighter IV or No More Heroes. The art assets will still appear to be normally textured and lit just with a nice subtly dark outline. Closer to Crackdown I suppose.

At any rate, I’m glad we put the new look out there and I’m glad you guys are groovin’ to it. Thanks for the feedback!!

Botchamania Vote

Which botched moment is the funniest and most classic in wrestling history? Watch the video nominations and vote!

Modder Interview

Continuing with my interview series with indie wrestling game developers this week, we talk with the man in charge of a team dedicated to modding the hell out of Mat Dickie’s infamous games. I can only hope PWX gains the attention of ambitious mod work like these guys are churning out.

Full interview

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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