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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #504

Up this week: Head Hunters; IWGDU!!; Wrestlefest Revival; Hogan Game Video!; Next Week…

Head Hunters

Hey guys! Everything is going well over here in PWX Uprising land. Nothing too sexy to show you in terms of screenshots this week as we’ve been working mainly with rope and turnbuckle collision while trying to battle the evil feature creep.

Now that weapons are functioning in the new engine, I went and opened my big mouth and asked how hard it would be to make idle weapons more interactive than we originally designed. I’m thinking it would be nice add targeted damage for moves performed on top of weapons.

Wouldn’t it be so satisfying to DDT your opponent’s head onto a folded chair and have it cause extra damage accordingly? And I mean literally manually try to aim and perform the move so his head hits the chair, not a canned two player weapon grapple move but something that would require just a tad more strategy and intent. I was told it would just be a few lines of extra code. Do ya see the temptations we’re faced with?


Independent Wrestling Game Developers United! Man, I am so excited about what’s starting to grow into the roots of a wonderful future for wrestling gamers. There are some really neat new projects springing up and I want to start introducing you to the people behind them so you could hopefully throw your support behind them as well.

In the past few months I’ve been interviewing some of these developers and over the coming weeks I will share those interviews with you. We’ve got some cool stuff coming down the pipe from these teams including everything from remakes of 2D classics to ambitious sims that could make Spike envious. Let’s get started…

Wrestlefest Revival

Mike Hermann and Louis Martinez want to make wrestling games for you and (in my opinion) they are going about the process in the right way. Their first project aims to be a complete revival of the classic Wrestlefest arcade game!

They asked me to invite you all to check out their web page and get involved if you like what they’re doing. They could always use a hand with art and coding so if you have the time and interest, please throw these guys a helping hand. Check them out at

Hogan Game Video!

Huge thanks to David P. for posting a link to this Giant Bomb video review for me. I can’t believe they’re charging more than $20 for this Hogan Kinect game. It looks so unintentionally hilarious!

“I’m gonna make sweet love to him…from the back!”

Next Week…

Either you’ve never heard of him or you love him or you want him dead. Next week I’ve got a massive interview with a certain mister Sonnybone. Dress accordingly.

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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