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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #499

Up this week: Excuse Me!; Japalucha; Fire Pro Cancelled?

Excuse Me!

Thank you everyone for the newsletter feedback last week! Tune in next week for all the gory changes…or not.

There is one issue I wish I could just leave to you guys because I know you’d make the right choice and not give me any headaches. You see, I’ve always believed that gender restrictions and limitations in wrestling games were bullshit.

We already conceded that there should not be any blood in Uprising due to our existing financing agreement. It sucks. But imagine how much more it would suck if we were then pressured a bit more to restrict players from engaging in any male-on-female “violence”. Restricting the use of weapons to the head. Restricting the ability to females to bleed. Ever. Yeah. I know what you’re thinking. Wish me luck.


The following article features former Fire Pro developer Suda51 discussing the impact of masked wrestlers on Japanese pop culture. The article is illustrated by a photo of two Japanese girls wearing wrestling masks while giving the finger to the camera. This is about a close to perfect as an online article can get. Ever.

Fire Pro Cancelled?

So we may not have to worry at all about how bad that new Fire Pro game for 360 is going to be. In the past few days I started hearing the release date was getting pushed back and then I heard it was being taken off the release schedule indefinitely. WHAT!?! Could be a little flub in the grapevine or it really could be cancelled. Hmmm which scenario to wish for…

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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