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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #498

Up this week: 7th Bug of the 7th Bug; Peace of Mind; WTF Fighting; Newsletter Change

7th Bug of the 7th Bug

I just finished playing the most recent build for two hours straight with the sole purpose of trying to break it and find remaining bugs. I tried every combination of player, move, situation, etc. that I could think of. Even just tried mashing random buttons all over the ring.

I’m happy to say that my marathon “Break the PWX Engine” session resulted in a grand total of just seven new bugs. And a few of them weren’t even real bugs per se, just design mistakes on my part that weren’t caught until I saw them in game and then (in fine game development tradition) blamed the programmer.

Now if I can just convince him that the absence of a WCW Triple Cage is a bug on his part and get him to fix it before release…

Peace of Mind

Thanks to our awesome web ninja Eric for rescuing the PWX site from our host’s customer service un-ninjas. It also caused last week’s newsletter to go out a few days late but it’s all good now. No worries. We’re still here. STILL HERE.

WTF Fighting

Seriously, if there’s one Top Ten list that Simpsons Wrestling should have been on, this is it.

Newsletter Change

WGU Newsletter #500 is just a few weeks away (stunning accomplishment or clear sign of mental disorder?), and I’ve been giving serious thought to switching it to a day other than Friday. What do you think? Do you strongly prefer it stay a Friday thing for any reason? Give me a shout or comment on Facebook pretty please.

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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