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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #460

Up this week; Worlds Collide, Hammerlocked, Groan

Worlds Collide

Hey guys! Having a good holiday so far? It’s been a pretty solid week of work over here on the PWX front with the exception of Christmas day for me (programmer still put in a full day) and this evening I’m doing the family thing for New Year’s Eve. Programmer is still putting in a full day today and tomorrow. We owe that guy big time, eh?

This week he mainly played with improving collision detection and resolution in the Hammerlock level. There were issues especially the corners of the ring. Most of our collision glitches were happening when two players were in the corner and someone tried to perform and irish whip or climb to the top rope.

There is a lot of potential for glitching in those situations. Sometimes the players will get stuck and freeze, sometimes the wrong animation will play or the character will be put in the wrong state. But, like I said in the past, so far there are no glitches that don’t immediately have a solution. Still sucks to see glitches but I don’t panic like I used to. It’s allllll goooooood.


We never left enough room between the ring and the back wall where the stairs are in the Hammerlock level. Doh! It’s all fine and good until you try to do a move that has a lot of travel like the Go2Sleep and then we really see collision issues. Without the resources to totally remodel the Hammerlock I’m afraid you’re going to see some minor clipping when fighting in that area. Nothing that affects gameplay though.


I decided to add tapout vocal audio to Uprising since I had some spare time over the holiday. It ended up sounding pretty good! I also talked a young lady into providing some voice audio for our female character, Cesey’s, tapout vocal audio. To my surprise most women aren’t eager to grunt and scream in pain on command.

I was also surprised when I checked out the sound effects in Giant Gram 2000 (an old Dreamcast wrestling game that everyone on this mailing list should try at least once). I was shocked when I scrolled through the voice audio and realized they recorded almost a dozen different grunts and yells for EVERY wrestler on the game’s roster. Damn! That’s a commitment to authenticity!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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