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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #458

Up this week: Holiday?; Mic Check; Smack


Goooooood morning! I got a new build a few days ago and I saw a lot of things working so much better. I actually saw some perfect gameplay but there is more work to do. It ain’t all perfect. Our lead programmer and I have child care set up for the next two weeks as of today so wish us luck. Gonna be working over the holidays and happy to do it. We’re on the home stretch here.

Mic Check

Of all the stupid damn things to be having issues with. For some reason audio effects aren’t playing properly across all sound cards. For instance, you’ll do a 10 Punch in the corner but only every second punch will make a sound. No idea why, we just discovered this by chance when I tried a recent build on a different PC than usual. We’ll figure it out, but still, you don’t anticipate crap like this. Sometimes I really envy console developers.


Hey you know what DOESN’T like a punch? A punch. This week I ended up replacing the strike sounds in Uprising that just weren’t doing it for me. I originally recorded actual chops and slaps thinking “oooh look at me and my authentic wrestling sounds” but the end result was pretty anemic audio. The sounds certainly didn’t add much feeling of impact. So I beefed them up a bit without sounding too over the top. Hope you like it!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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