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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #456

Up this week: Gotta go BYE!

Gotta go BYE!

Super short newsletter this week. I’ve been busy from morning to night all week with our lead programmer getting PWX ready. For the last few days I’ve been going through every single animation for what must be the seventh or eighth time getting things tighter. Everything works but it could all work just a bit better.

This time I’m going through all animations in the game engine in slow motion and making notes of things that are off by even just a few degrees rotation or a few frames of animation and cleaning it up. It sounds like something that would be barely noticeable while playing the game but you really notice it when you finally see it play perfectly.

Tedious? Yes. But after this many years what’s another day or two to get things right? Believe me, I’m not being a perfectionist by any means. We need to get this game out and take whatever praise and/or lumps we’ve got coming so we can move on and make the next one.

Rock and Roll WOOOOOO!!!!!

p.s. Congrats to Action Arcade Wrestling on 4000 units sold! That will buy a lot of diapers. Almost a month’s worth. Seriously though, congrats to Dave on the sales milestone!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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