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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #455

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Short newsletter this week. I’ve got an academic research report to write for the government funding and I’ve never written such a report before. Joy!

So I’m learning why some games have brutal load times when cycling through characters at the select screen or when switching between CAW menus. I hate that. So whenever possible and not entirely cheesy we’re going to use 2D art instead of loading 3D characters.

For example, in our current character select screen there is a noticeable hiccup when mousing over the character select screen as it swaps out the spinning 3D character preview. It also increases menu load time. So to hell with it. Why not just show a sexy rendered 2D image instead? Load times increase and hiccups go bye bye. Any other game developers out there wanna offer some insight on how they would have handled it?

Dungeon Puke

I was talking to a man who trained at the Hart Dungeon and worked for Stampede Wrestling in the 80’s. We’ve all heard it was a brutal place to learn, right? Well I heard a new story that made me cringe all over again. Apparently it was customary for a group of about seven wrestlers to circle a trainee and take turns body slamming him… onto the floor.

The trainee would take the bump, get up, and walk to the next wrestler in line to be slammed onto the floor all over again. The idea being to toughen you up and see how long you would last before you just couldn’t lift yourself off the floor anymore. He told me guys would leave the Dungeon having puked or pissed and shit themselves. “I may have screamed like a little girl there every damn day but I never puked and I never pissed or shit myself. I’m pretty proud of that.” Jesus! Think they could get away with that anywhere but Guantanamo these days?! Wrestling is fake…

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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