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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #454

Up this week: Porn; With my knee!; Wallpaper


Huh. Went through the company workstations yesterday and stumbled across gigs of nicely organized porn and pay site passwords tucked away neatly in a obscure directory on one of them. Guess I’ll have to compare the timestamps on those directories with the archived crew time tracking sheets. When I find out who billed us for an afternoon of porn collecting they better hope they find an ATM before my foot finds their ass.

…With my knee!

Wow! Just when I think I’ve heard it all. This week another example of how you can never assume anything when developing a game with other people who may not be huge wrestling game nerds like yourself. Earlier this week I was surprised to find a list of “broken” animations in my inbox. I was confused because I knew the animations worked and looked fine.

They we’re both moves done to a lying opponent in what I always referred to the “lying submission move slot”. I was told there were animations missing but I watched the Knee Stomp and German Release Suplex over and over and could see nothing wrong. Nothing was missing. It was all there. But the lead programmer insisted there were twelve missing animations for these moves. WHAT?! “Yeah,” he said. “they’re missing the loop and tap out animations.”

…Ohhhhhhh I get it. Because they were in a “submission” move slot he assumed they were actual submission moves like the Sharpshooter and Figure Four Leg Lock and required the usual submission animations like tapping out and looping. For two days I thought the moves were broken and needed to be fixed. For two days I thought I was going blind or insane. You can never have enough detail in a design document. Lesson learned. Again.


Our current art intern, James, made us a cool PWX wallpaper to share with you guys. I’ll post it on Facebook and then later we’ll put the hi-res version up on the main PWX site. Thanks, James!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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