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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #453

Up this week: 4 Corners; PWX TNA Connection; Hulk. Please. Stop. Update.

4 Corners

Hey guys! It was another good productive week of development. We took apart our old systems for handling grappling in the turnbuckle and it works much better now. It worked ok before but there were sometimes glitches when the opponent hit the turnbuckle that would mess with his position in the next animation. And once the position is off in one place the problem just compounds. So it’s fixed.

At the moment we’re cleaning up the ground attacks (strikes and submissions) and it’s going faster than expected. Once that’s done we’re moving onto cleaning up the weapon system which should (knock on wood) take very little time as it’s already working pretty smoothly. Speaking of turnbuckles, though, someone asked if Uprising would have two active corners for whipping opponents like Fire Pro or four. All four corners of the ring in Uprising are equally interactive and you can whip your opponent into any corner. No worries.

PWX TNA Connection

Did you see Hogan putting over that new TNA World Title belt on Impact this week? I’m very happy to share with you the news that the belt was none other than Jesse Justice to Jeff Hardy’s specs. The same Jesse Justice that recently did the killer 2D character art work for PWX Uprising. Congrats, Jesse! The belt was manufactured by which should give Jesse a raise and hire him more often.

Hulk. Please. Stop

In an update to last week’s posted video showing Hulk Hogan rapping and flashing his wiener it has been uncovered that the footage was censored unnecessarily. Hulk never exposed himself. But was I the only one who thought his rapping was the most disturbing part in the first place?!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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