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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #451

Up this week: Don’t Worry; Smackdown vs. Raw 2011; RIP Ladder and Table; Suplex Returns

Don’t Worry

If I were to choose my biggest mistake ever in developing PWX it would be this: we produced our art before we had a plan. In cleaning up Uprising this last week it’s been non-stop tweaking and bug fixing of art and animation that wasn’t done properly. It was certainly not the artists fault. It was my fault.

We had up to four different animators work on Uprising and none of them had a clear and concise technical design doc in front of them. They made their best guesses and produced content as best they could. Now the programmers have to go through and stitch everything together by manipulating improperly placed animations in code. Never an ideal solution.

So to all of our former PWX artists out there, I’m sorry you were flying blind. To all the PWX programmers past and present, I’m sorry you had to spend more time adjusting content than coding gameplay. And to Dave of the Future, it was a mistake you’ll never make again so don’t worry about it and be happy it’s being fixed. But most of all, be happy we have a working solution and the game is going to be shipped.

Smackdown vs. Raw 2011

I haven’t played this game yet. Just saw some funny physics glitch videos and heard mixed reviews about the Universe mode. Have you played it? Is there anything in this new game that you either want or don’t want to see in PWX someday?

RIP Ladder and Table

We might take the ladder and table props out of Uprising and put them back in when we can make them interactive. Right now they just mess up the collision detection when trying to fight outside of the ring. What’s the point of getting Monkey Flipped into a table if it doesn’t break?!

Suplex Returns

To end on a happy note, we were able to save a previously broken animation and I’m thrilled to report that you can now suplex your opponent from the apron to the floor. Awww yeahhh!!!

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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