The pro wrestling game made for the fans

Pro Wrestling X Podcast #000

Hey gang. While we’re polishing up Uprising, we have a few technical-setup-nerd things to get up and running – one of which is a media server. We thought it might be fun to record a podcast as a way to test this bad boy out.

In this podcast (officially numbered #000), Dave and Eric the Web Nerd discuss the development of Pro Wrestling X and memories of playing wrestling games. This gives you a glimpse into the kinds of Skype conversations we have every day.

Please share your thoughts – add your favorite memories, and tell us if you want more from us jokers.

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Article Comments

Jamaal(Lil Cube) says:

Is it weird that one of my favorite memories is Darkoffspring violating various people and things with a shovel?

Monroe says:

LOL my brother and I fell into the same trap, assuming all THQ games would be even more awesome than the last, until we brought WCW Nitro home. I started getting a bad feeling looking over the controls in the manual on the way home.

James Wishnowski says:

I would just like to say that my brother, Dave Wishnowski, is the Supreme King Master of WCW/NWO Revenge and I could never EVARRR beat him in a Battle Royale even when I ended up as Goldberg and he was Disco Inferno. I humbly bow before my brother’s skills publicly and forever. The internet never forgets. KING DAVE! KING DAVE! KING DAVE!

james wishnowski says:

My brother is spaming.
I have actually never lost.

Chris says:

I remember playing WWE Wrestlemania 2000 and playing as Undertaker beating my brother in law and his brother and my nephew all in a man 4 bout in the game. Good times! Splendid interview!

Chris says:

4 man bout I meant. 🙂