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Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #400

Up this week: Hear the PWX Voice; More Q&A; Glitch Much?; TNA game saved! Sorta!.

Hear the PWX Voice

We received three different styles of voice work from Deryl and it’s up to us to decide which style we want to use for PWX: Uprising. Wanna have a listen and help make the decision? Listen to Deryl count a pinfall in this Uprising video clip and leave your feedback on our Facebook page telling us which you prefer. Thanks for your help!

And as Eric pointed out, here’s a list I’m pretty sure PWX won’t make:

More Q&A

Q: I heard a rumor somewhere about no balcony interaction in the demo is this true?
A: In the free version that is true. Unless we change our mind.

Q: What was decided about the punching bag?
A: We decided it looked awesome! …and it won’t move

Q: I noticed a table in the background of the arena will that be useable?
A: Nope. Not yet…

Glitch Much?

Being first time game developers we naturally panicked just a little bit everytime a glitch would show up during production. Ok I panicked a lot. But then when you see the INSANE glitches in the new multi-million dollar budget WWE game we feel a lot better about ourselves. If it can happen to veteran game developers with more money than us it helps put things in perspective. Have you seen these crazy Smackdown vs Raw 2010 glitches?

TNA game save! Sorta!

The TNA game license has been rescued from the Midway bankruptcy and a new TNA game has been announced. Curiously, it is only for the DS and PSP.

In the meantime and in between time, that’s it, another edition of Wrestling Gamers United.

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