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Server move nearly complete

We moved hosting companies this weekend, so if you noticed the downtime, sorry about that. We have almost everything transferred over, the forums are the only thing lagging behind. Just had a few bugs to squash, and then everything should be back to normal… such that it is :). Update: Forums are back online!

Screen Shot Saturday #115

Sorry for the late update this week, we decided to move servers on the same day we make our updates (smart!). So they aren’t actually screenshots this week, but we thought you’d like to see what goes on in the PWX Studio behind the scenes. It’s also a peek at were we are at with the latest playable.

Screen Shot Saturday #114

More in-game screen shots for this week’s Screen Shot Saturday, featuring everyone’s favorite foreign object: the steel chair.

Screen Shot Saturday #113

Up for this week’s Screen Shot Saturday, a new basic t-shirt skin and some screens of an electric chair facebuster.

Screen Shot Saturday #112

Hi guys, it’s Eric. I’m on the road, and unfortunately, also under the weather and without a good internet connection. I will post the update on Monday, along with pics of my visit to PWX Headquarters. UPDATE: Pics are online. Sorry for the delay, it was quite the illness! I’ve also learned to count, and the Screen Shot Saturday numbers are now accurate.

Screen Shot Saturday #111

Some great screens this week, featuring the essential pro wrestling move (the knee to the groin). Also: you’ve seen pics of the Hammerlock before, but this week’s shots are IN GAME!

Screen Shot Saturday #110

Up for this week’s Screen Shot Saturday: a flurry of corner punches.

Screen Shot Saturday #109

Some great shots from the crew this week, including an awesome moonsault-from-the-balcony shot.

Screen Shot Saturday #108

We’ve got some GREAT shots for this week’s Screen Shot Saturday: a turnbuckle head smash and a couple of awesome balcony dive pics.

Wrestling Gamers United Newsletter #284

Stick a fork in it; PWX Forum sign ups; Thank you Brendan; Link of the Week; Question of the Week

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